Corporate Values

To be the most comprehensive and reliable environmental services group in the region.

To provide a cleaner, greener and more sustainable environment. 

Core Values

  • Customer First
    Customers are the final assessor of our success.  We exist and grow only when they are satisfied with our services. Customer satisfaction is the central value of our group around which all other values develop.    
  • Integrity
    This is the only way to maintain long term relationship with our loyal customers. We deal with our customers, workers, and business partners with the utmost integrity.  
  • Excellence
    We pledge to strive our best to deliver the best possible services to our customers. We care about our customers’ special needs and tailor our services to serve them best down to the minute details they demand. Excellence is the aim that our operation looks for. 
  • Value Creation
    We create real value for our clients, employees and shareholders through innovative service solutions, the latest service technologies, rewarding careers and financial growth in the industry.
  • Sustainability
    Sustainability drives every decision we make. We are committed to ensuring our business is a high-performing asset that strives towards sustainability in all dimensions. In the area of corporate social responsibility, we are committed to give back to society in various aspects and make a positive impact on our community.