Baguio Green Group (Stock Code: 1397.HK)
China Development

After three decades of high-speed economic development that heavily relied on natural resources, China is facing enormous environmental problems. In China’s 13th Five Year Plan, “Green Development” has become the top priorities of national policy and focus. In line with China’s environmental protection blueprint, Baguio will be devoted to exploring the feasibility of other waste-to-energy projects by utilizing domestic waste, landfills, industrial waste water and food waste. With such know-how, we are looking forward to replicating these projects to other regions in China.

To cope with green business development in China, Baguio actively broadens our horizon and knowledge in the area of China environmental industry:

  • Established China branch office and nursery
  • Participated in different large scale environmental exhibitions in China including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou 
  • Became the member of different famous environmental associations including Chinese Society For Environmental Sciences (CSES), All-China Environment Federation (ACEF) and China Association of Environmental Protection Industry (CAEPI)