Baguio Green Group (Stock Code: 1397.HK)

Baguio Green Group Limited. (“Baguio”) regards its employees as its most valuable asset. At Baguio, employees are provided with resources and opportunities that help develop their potential to the full. Baguio is committed to the principles of fair treatment, equal opportunity and respect for all. We implement an equal opportunities policy in all our human resources matters, covering our recruitment and selection, training and development, and employee discipline management. At Baguio, every job applicant and employee is treated fairly with equal opportunity regardless of their race, gender, colour, family status, marital status, pregnancy and disability.

To facilitate our employees to build a long-term career at Baguio, we encourage them to be engaged in continuous professional development. We hope our employees can actively participate in relevant training to upgrade their knowledge and skills to broaden career enhancement opportunities, adding value to both themselves and the company and creating a “win-win” situation. We offer excellent promotion opportunities. Promotions are determined on performance and merit. Outstanding employees have opportunities to be promoted to the management.

We care for our employees’ well-being and health. We strive to provide a comfortable work environment. We organize diverse recreational and get-together activities to foster exchanges between employees. In these activities, our employees not only can get to know one another better but also cultivate different interests to enrich their lives. What’s more, we emphasize occupational safety and safe operational procedures, as well as promote and educate our employees about environmental protection.

If you are active, positive, keen on continuous learning, and welcome challenges, we want you to be part of our team. Join Baguio!