Baguio Green Group (Stock Code: 1397.HK)
Staff Sharing

Lesley Lee (Accounts)

Time flies! I have worked at Baguio for quite some time. When I first came here, there were just around 20 people in the office, and Accounts and Procurement together had only 4 people. I remember on my first day of work, ‘God of Fortune’ was terribly busy, and the phone of ‘Tree’ kept ringing, with the broadcast of Radio Hong Kong in the background. Busy though it was, we would enjoy some talking and laughing whenever we heard jokes or special news on the radio. This was a typical work day which all of us enjoyed very much. As there were not many colleagues at that time, we were like family. When it was someone’s birthday, including that of our boss, even though we were extremely busy, we would lunch together, talk about daily things, and relax a bit. That strengthened our relationships. At the beginning, our office had room for about 20 people only; then, half a floor was added, increasing the number of staff by 10; after that we moved to Sheung Wan, and finally to today’s office in Lai Chi Kok. The company has undergone significant transformation in all these years and the number of colleagues has been rising gradually; yet, the rapport between colleagues has not changed, we are always family.

Ken Lo (Operations)

I am a seasoned member in this industry with over 20 years’ experience. 3 year ago, my present boss invited me to join Baguio’s operations. I was happy that he valued my knowledge and experience. So I left my then high-pay position and came to Baguio. Here, I face different challenges every day, which allows me to fully utilize my professional knowledge and management skills. Each day at Baguio is filled with new horizons and I gain lots of satisfaction from my work. My colleagues and I make a great team. The working relationships are harmonious. My boss is a great mentor. I have recommended some of my friends to join Baguio.

Reine Tang (Administration)

I have joined the Baguio family for a few years. The work is satisfying. And I am very happy that my colleagues and I team up efficiently and harmoniously to achieve objectives together. Although it is busy, my bosses are understanding and supportive, and the colleagues offer the necessary backup, practical and psychological. I am therefore energized to finish my tasks. Over the years the company has gone through dramatic developments. Its businesses are expanding. Working in and growing with such a promising company gives me valuable and useful experiences.

Yo Yuen (Corporate Development)

It all seemed like yesterday – this is my 6th year at the big family of Baguio. I thank the company for the training and career development opportunities which enabled me to demonstrate my competence in various work areas. In these years, I have come to realize the importance of teamwork. My co-workers are enthusiastic and serious about their work, and my company’s management has clear visions and directions. Such is a treasure. I am motivated by all this to give my best service to the company and grow with it. Moreover, I enjoy participating in the different kinds of community activities, and the get-together and recreational programmes for staff organized by the company. These help us have work-life balance as well as strengthen the collaborative spirit between us.