Plastic Recycling Facility

The plastic recycling facility (will be commenced in 2021) in EcoPark is the first food-grade ready plastics recycling facility in Hong Kong, with an area around 65,000 sq. ft. The facility will be able to process and recycle 35,000 metric tonnes of the post-consumer PET (polyethylene terephthalate or clear beverage bottles) and HDPE (high-density polyethylene or personal care bottles) plastic materials on an annual basis. The facility can turn classified PET and HDPE plastics waste into food-grade ready rPET flakes and high-grade rHDPE pellets, which can be reused as raw materials for new, high-quality consumable or industrial products. This recovery process prolongs the life of reusable plastics, thereby, minimizing the amount of plastics ending up in landfill sites or escaping into the oceans. The facility is designed with green features including wastewater treatment, full photovoltaic solar panels, and heat recovery systems.

The plastic recycling facility located in the EcoPark, Tuen Mun has been tenanted by Baguio under a 20-year lease from the Environmental Protection Department. The facility is cooperated by the joint venture company – New Life Plastics Limited which is formed by Baguio, ALBA Group Asia Limited, and Swire Coca-Cola Limited.

Check out Plastic Recycling Facility and recycling process introduction video here.