People Development

Baguio believes our greatest assets are our employees. Placing focus on holistic long-term development of our staff, we channel substantial resources into reinforcing talent grooming initiatives. The cornerstone of our talent management approach is to provide transparency in career progression within the group. Our career ladder policy details the pathway options offered to staff to become competent leaders in their respective disciplines. Moreover, our staff performance appraisal system is subject to regular review to ensure fair and open assessment. 

Focusing on the holistic development of our employees, we have been striving hard to establish professional recognition and promote the development of professional and vocational training with due regard for the long-term manpower needs of the community, and most importantly for the education level upgrade of the environmental services industry. Thus, we have created plenty of employment opportunities focusing on employee’s accumulation of necessary professional knowledge and occupational safety. By impelling sustainable development and waste management to our society, we hope that we can change the crowd’s perception towards environmental services industry through elevating our worker’s skills and thus attract more experts to join.