Glass Management

As glass is an inert material that will not degrade naturally, casual disposal of glass bottles will consume our dwindling landfill space and is a waste of the valuable resource. To achieve the waste reduction target, the HKSAR government is now actively preparing for the implementation of the Producer Responsibility Scheme (PRS) on glass beverage containers, and appointed Baguio as a qualified glass management contractor to undertake waste glass container collection and treatment services in Hong Kong Island (including Islands District) and the New Territories.

Baguio is now actively establishing a collection network covering all Commercial & Industrial Development, Food & Beverage Development, Government Development, Institutions, Private & Public Housing Estates and Public Area to collect waste glass bottles. We are responsible for waste glass bottles collection, treatment and recycling services. As the same time, Baguio will invest ample resources in public education to promote “Proper and clean recycling of glass bottle”.

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For more details about Baguio’s glass container recycling service, please contact us as:

Office hours: Mon to Sat (9:00 am – 5:30 pm)
Hotline:  (852) 8100 2541
Facebook Page: I Recycle Glass Bottle

Glass Bottle Clean Recycling Procedures:

Separate at the source Separate glass bottles from general refuse at the source.
Remove caps To facilitate recycling work, please remove their caps which are made of other materials before putting glass bottles into recycling bins.
Empty and rinse To ensure the hygiene and the quality of recovered glasses, please empty and rinse off any residual in glass bottles.
Put into recycling bin Put clean glass bottles without their caps and any plastic bags into recycling bins.

Accepted VS Not Accepted glass container:

Accepted Not accepted
- Wine or beer bottles
- Water bottles
- Soft drink or juice bottles
- Food and sauces bottles
- Other clean glass bottles
- Bottles with drugs or chemicals
- Light bulbs or Fluorescents lamps
- Mirror
- Glass window or other construction materials
- Non-glass items