Food Wastes

Food waste is any waste generated from food production, meals preparation and consumption, consists of raw, cooked, edible and inedible parts of food. In Hong Kong, 30% of municipal solid waste disposed at landfills are food waste, which are the organic resources could be transformed into energy and compost to reduce pressure on landfills.

To cut down the quantity of food waste to be disposed of at the landfills, the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) launched “Pilot Scheme on Food Waste Recycling*”, mainly to collect the food waste generated from commercial and industrial sector, public premises and progressively domestic sector. And Baguio is the designated food waste collection services provider to undertake food waste collection for New Territories West and Hong Kong Island contract. All the collected food waste will be delivered to O‧PARK1 (or other approved facilities by EPD), to recycle source separated food waste into biogas and compost by anaerobic digestion process.

The advantages of food waste recycling:

  • Separating food waste from general waste to reduce odour nuisance
  • Saving Municipal Solid Waste charges on food waste portion
  • Make good use of organic resources to reduce amount of landfill disposal
  • Cultivate good recycling habits & enhance green brand image for C&I sector

Recycling steps for commercial and industrial sector:

1. Remove non-recyclable food waste
2. Drain liquid
3. Pour food waste directly into provided food waste bin or bag
4. Baguio collects the food waste and deliver to O‧PARK1 or other approved facilities
    by EPD for recycle

For more details about Baguio’s food waste collection service, please contact us:

Hotline(NTW contract):

(852) 6623 6253

Hotline (Other district):

(852) 2541 3388


Office hours:

Mon to Fri (9:00 am – 5:30pm)

Accepted food waste:



Wheat & Grains

Rice, pasta/noodles, flour, bread, oats

Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, beans & their products (including peelings, cores, pips)


Pork, beef, seafood, poultry & their products (including innards, scales, small bones)


Tea leaves, soup pulp, coffee grounds, Chinese medicinal pulp


Dairy products, desserts, nuts, sauces, pet food

Not Accepted:



General Waste

Gloves, tissue paper, straws, toothpicks, cigarette butts, surgical masks

Food Packaging

Plastic bags, packaging, utensils/containers, aluminum foils, cans, glass bottles, ropes

Watery Food

Soup, porridge, drinks

Hard Materials

Seashells, crab covers, lobster shells, durian shells, young coconuts, corncobs, mango cores

Oversized Materials

Pork femur bones, tomahawk ribs


Yard waste, clinical waste, grease trap & gulley waste


*For more details of the scheme, please refer to EPD official website
 (for Commercial and Industrial Sector / for domestic food waste).