Green Initiative

We are committed to sustainable development with full integration of operation efficiency, environmental conservation and corporate social responsibility in our operations. Through the day-to-day service delivery to our clients, we utilize every opportunity of fulfilling our commitment.

Internally, from our head office to our workplaces in clients' venues, we promote "Green" attitudes and behaviors. We educate frontline staff to protect the environment by reducing wastage and safeguard their own and others' well-being by complying with the highest safety standards while working. We support needy members in the community by providing them job opportunities and fair rewards. We encourage staff advancing career by supporting them to pursue further studies etc.

Externally, Baguio Green Group, integrated the resource and performance of its group members, gains recognition by participating in many activities and charters organized by well-known organizations in recent years, such as: 


  • HKAEE: Manufacturing and Industrial Services - Certificate of Merit (Environmental Campaign Committee)
  • Hong Kong Green Organisation Certification - Wastewi$e Certificate - Excellence Level (Environmental Campaign Committee)
  • 5 years + Caring Company (Hong Kong Council of Social Service)
  • Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards - ECO Challenger (The Bank of China & The Federation of Hong Kong Industries)
  • Hong Kong Green Award: Corporate Green Governance Award - Stakeholder Engagement (Green Council)
  • Hong Kong Green Award: Environmental, Health and Safety Award (Corporate) Gold (Green Council)
  • Green Officer Award Labelling Scheme (WGO)
  • 18 Districts Caring Employers Award - Special Award for being awarded for 5 consecutive years or above (The Labour and Welfare Bureau)
  • ERB Merit Award for Employers (ERB)
  • Manpower Developer Award Scheme (ERB)
  • QF Star Employer (Qualifications Framework Secretariat)



  • Sustainable Procurement Charter (Green Council)
  • Talent-Wise Employment Charter (The Labour and Welfare Bureau)
  • Good Employer Charter (Labour Department)
  • The Charter on Proper Operation of Refuse Collection Vehicles (Proper Operation of Refuse Collection Vehicles Steering Committee)