Company Profile

Baguio Pest Management Limited is one of the largest Pest Control service companies in Hong Kong. Established in 2005, we have already developed our own list of clients comprising of Government bodies, Listed Corporations, Private and Public Companies of various size and nature. We offer a full spectrum of services including Pest investigation and inspection, Species identification, Pest control and monitoring services. We also maintain a very active participation in training, seminars and pest control activities in Hong Kong in order to keep us abreast of the newest technologies, trends and development in the services.

As one of the members in Baguio Green Group, we share the same Corporate Values of Integrity and Excellence to develop the business. We strive to become the most comprehensive and reliable company in the industry. Our central policy is going “Green” and we adopt an Integrated Pest Management approach to handle all pest infestation problems. All pesticides to be used in pest eradication services are registered under the Pesticides Ordinance with the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. We are dedicated to bettering the lives of people and creating a green and healthy environment for the community.

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