Bird Nuisance Control

While protection for birds in nature becomes imminently important, some urban birds like sparrows, pigeons and starlings are always being regarded as pests. The claimed potential hazards imposed by these birds are:

  1. Environmental Pollution ------ The excreta of urban pest birds often deface property such as buildings, pavements, park facilities and cars; and sometimes spoil clothing of pedestrians.
  2. Property Damage ------ The excreta of birds could corrode the surface layers of structures and leading to lose of protection against weather.
  3. Diseases Transmission ------ Birds could carry of a number of pathogens and transmit the disease organisms with their excreta or secretions. For examples, bird flu and salmonellosis.

Bird nuisance control mainly includes bird survey, environmental control and bird dispersal.


Bird Survey

For proposing suitable control measures, our professional technicians will first conduct thorough surveys to identify and record the following:

  • Related bird species and their population.
  • Status of hazards or nuisance.
  • Any protected bird species involved.


Environmental Control

There are two major aspects in environmental control for prevention of bird nuisance:

  • Sanitation ------ Maintain sanitation can eliminate food and water sources for birds. Without food and water, the pest birds will move to other areas for a more suitable habitat.
  • Environmental Modifications ------ Modify the environment and make it not suitable for birds to rest and roost. For examples:
    • Seal all cracks and holes that birds may roost inside.
    • Install screens for vent and other openings.
    • Trim tree branches to minimize bird nesting.


Bird Dispersal

Bird dispersal can be by mechanical or chemical means.

  • Mechanical Dispersal Methods ------ use sound, light, visual, barrier and trapping to eliminate pest bird nuisance:
    • Install some ultra-sonic and strong lighting devices; or some reflective materials to scar away birds. Graphics of big birds like eagles could also work for some bird species.
    • Install bird spikes or coiled wire on roofs, window sills, etc. to discourage birds resting or roosting on them.
    • With permission from Agricultures, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD), cage traps may be used to trap the birds and then release them outdoor far away from the premises.
  • Chemical Dispersal ------ Paint or Spray bird dispersants on surfaces of the structures to exclude birds from roosting or nesting.

Since birds have strong adaptability to changed environments, control measures should be flexible and adjustable from time to time.


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