Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Over the decades, we stick to our task to implement workflow close to IPM. In other word, we take measures to inspect, monitor, cross-examine, reduce the sources that incur harmful pests and alter the make-ups of their habitats and we round up with descending priority of environment sanitation, biological control, bio-pesticide control and chemical control with lowest toxicity at the end. Once the integrated management implements delicately, it will greatly reduce the usage of pesticides and biological resistance. It complies with the basic principles of the public health and environmental protection.

The key principles of IPM include:

  • Maintain the target pests below the devastating level instead of eradicating them totally.
  • Manage to adopt non-chemical methods as far as practicable.
  • In case that chemical control is inevitable, chemicals should be cautiously selected and applied so as to confine the adverse effect upon living things, human beings and environment impact to the minimal.


Baguio IPM suits all types of premises including commercial and residential buildings, health care institutions, schools, supermarkets, factories, food business and public places. IPM involves a throughout participation of customers and therefore, we will work out the IPM program with clients. An IMP program basically comprises inspection, determination of pest problems, pest management methods and monitoring.



Our IPM technicians are well trained to conduct thorough inspections and identify pests that may present in your premises. Inspections also help evaluating all structural, human and other factors affecting the program.


Determination of Pest Problems

With the results of the inspection, the IPM technician will discuss with you on pest situation and work out the best solution to remedy the problem.


Pest Management Methods

With your agreement and participation, a selected IPM method will be adopted. Non-chemical methods will usually be considered first and if chemicals are required, only target-specific, low-impact chemicals and applications shall be used. Customers' participation in maintaining proper sanitation and reduction of conducive conditions to pest infestation is very important in the IPM program.



IPM programs are on-going process and require constant re-evaluation based on monitoring. The monitoring component forms an integral part of our IMP service. Regular scheduled visits will be made to record any pest sighting or activity and to evaluate whether any re-applying of management method is required.


Examples of IPM


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